Skylanders Trap Team Undead Hand (Grim Gripper) Trap CIB

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*This trap can be used to capture and play as the following undead element Villains in Skylanders Trap Team:

- Bone Chompy

- Hood Sickle

- Masker Mind

- Wolfgang

Only one undead trap is needed to collect the above Villains. The Villain in the trap can be switched between levels in the "Villain Vault" located in the Academy, the game's hub world. The sculpt of the trap is purely cosmetic; each undead trap can be used to trap the above Villains, regardless of its shape.

If a trap containing a Villain is used in Skylanders SuperChargers, an elemental attack can be unlocked for game's' vehicles. In addition, traps will unlock a special "Skystone" to be used in the game's minigame "Skystones Overdrive." The Skystone unlocked will depend on the Villain contained in the trap. Trap-based Villains are no longer playable at all in Skylanders SuperChargers.

In Skylanders Imaginators, traps containing villains are used for the racing portion of the game, and once again provide elemental attacks for vehicles. If they are used in the story mode of the game, they merely give the player 500 gold, regardless of element, and the Villains contained in them are not playable at all.  

Skylanders Trap Team Undead Hand (Grim Gripper) Trap. Brand new still sealed. (Bin 63C)