Wii Skylanders Trap Team (No Portal Included)

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*Game requires the following accessories to use:

- At least one playable Skylander figure with a red, blue, orange, OR green bottom 

- Any Portal of Power compatible with the Wii AND compatible with the Trap Team             version of the game (The Trap Team Portal has a small hole on the border used for           traps) 

- One Nunchuck to attach to the Wii remote

The game can NOT be played at all without these accessories. This product is intended to be sold to those who already own the required accessories. 

In addition, while only one Skylander is required to complete the main game, one Skylander of each of the ten elements (air, dark, earth, fire, life, light, magic, tech, undead, and water) are needed to access the game's optional elemental gates. The "light" and "dark" elements are introduced in this version of Skylanders. In this game, elemental gates can ONLY be unlocked by a Trap Master character, a new type of Skylander introduced in Trap Team. Characters who are not Trap Masters can no longer unlock Elemental Gates.

As mentioned above, a new type of Skylander debuts in Trap Team: "Trap Masters." These figures are recognizable by their slightly larger size and their semitransparent weapons. In the game, these weapons they use are called "Traptanium Weapons" which not only unlock the elemental gates, but are able to destroy "Traptanium Shards."  Destroying them allows players to access new areas and possibly find treasure. Trap Masters and the areas they unlock are completely optional, and the game can still be completed from start to finish without them.

Another new addition to this Skylanders game is the ability to trap defeated bosses by using semitransparent, crystal-like figures. There are ten colors of traps, one for each element (for example, the fire trap is red, the water trap is blue, etc.). Traps can be activated when a boss of the trap's corelating element is defeated, and if the trap is placed into the small hole attached to the portal. The captured villain then becomes a playable character. Traps can be used to capture multiple bosses, as long as the element of the boss matches the element of the trap. There is also a unique "Kaos Trap" that is exclusively used to trap and play as the main antagonist of the game, Kaos, and is not associated with any element. Traps come in many different shapes; however the shape of a trap is purely cosmetic, and does not affect its abilities. Traps themselves are NOT required to complete the game from start to finish; HOWEVER, a portal able to use traps IS.

Owning additional Skylander figures is not required, but may enhance the player's overall experience with the game.

Wii Skylanders Trap Team (No Portal Included). All games are cleaned and tested. (Bin 175C)