Wii U Skylanders Giants (No Portal Included)

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*Game requires the following accessories to use:

- At least one playable Skylander figure with an orange OR green bottom 

- Any Portal of Power compatible with the Wii U AND compatible with the Giants           version of the game

The game can NOT be played at all without these accessories. This product is intended to be sold to those who already own the required accessories. For instances of multiplayer, a Nunchuck is required to be attached to the second player's Wii remote. The first player will use the Wii U's Game Pad.

In addition, while only one Skylander is required to complete the main game, one Skylander of each of the eight elements (air, earth, fire, life, magic, tech, undead, and water) are needed to access the game's optional elemental gates.

Skylanders that are classified as "Giants" in the game, recognizable by their larger size compared to normal Skylander figures, are also needed to access certain bonus areas of the game. However, these unique figures are completely optional, and the main game can still be completed from start to finish without using the Giants' special abilities.

Owning additional Skylander figures is not required, but may enhance the player's overall experience with the game.

Wii U Skylanders Giants. All games are cleaned and tested. (Bin 71C)