Wii U Skylanders SuperChargers (No Portal Included)

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*Game requires the following accessories to use:

- At least one playable Skylander figure that did NOT originate from Skylanders                Imaginators

- At least one Land vehicle

- Any Portal of Power compatible with the Wii U AND compatible with the                        SuperChargers version of the game

The game can NOT be played at all without these accessories. This product is intended to be sold to those who already own the required accessories. For instances of multiplayer, a Nunchuck is required to be attached to the second player's Wii remote. The first player will use the Wii U's Game Pad.

A new feature in this version of Skylanders are figures called vehicles. These vehicles are divided into three categories: Land, sky, and sea. Each of the 20 skylanders introduced in SuperChargers has a "signature" vehicle. When a vehicle is used by its signature driver, the vehicle will change appearance in-game and their stats will increase. There are special bonus challenges available to signature driver-vehicle combos. It is worth noting that ALL skylander figures compatible with SuperChargers can use ANY vehicle, whether they have a signature vehicle or not. 

In this Skylanders game only, at least one land vehicle is required be used in certain levels to progress. The land vehicle used can be any element. Sky and sea vehicles can be used to access bonus areas, but these areas are always completely optional.

Owning additional Skylander figures is not required, but may enhance the player's overall experience with the game.

Wii U Skylanders SuperChargers. All games are cleaned and tested. (Bin 71C)